eSports Betting Begins in Nevada

A new gambling option is now available in the state of Nevada, thanks to William Hill. The sports book accepted wagers on the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland League of Legends video game tournament last week, which marked the first time that a legal wager took place in regards to an eSports event in the US.

According to ESPN, William Hill accepted the wagers via Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, with gaming regulators having agreed to allow the wagering previously. Brian Sandoval, the Governor of Nevada, stated that the announcement of eSports wagering in the state is a major step towards ensuring Nevada becomes the eSports capital of the world. By embracing the unique opportunity and incorporating innovation and technology within the gaming industry, Sandoval feels that the state will be expanding the potential of one of their oldest industries.

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William Hill USA Is First Bookmaker to Offer Legal eSports Betting in the United States

William Hill USA is the first legal sportsbook in the United States to offer eSports betting. William Hill announced on Friday it would partner with Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino to accept wagers on electronic sports, which is the official name for competitive gaming on console, particularly video games.

The first legal eSports event at the William Hill’s Nevada sportsbooks was the IEM Oakland eSports event for League of Legends this past weekend. The event took place at the Oracle Arena and involved seperate tournaments for League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Evel Pie Makes the Leap to Fremont East

Following the path of Uncle Joe’s and Radio City Pizza, Evel Pie has arrived on Fremont East with pies, beer and late hours, but this time around, the pizza is served amid a mini-shrine to everyone’s favorite daredevil, Evel Knievel.

Golden Tiki owner Branden Powers has teamed with Knievel’s’ son Kelly, plus restaurateur Jeff Fine and Seth Schorr, chairman of Downtown Grand for the venture, packed to the walls with Knievel memorabilia.

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Nevada looks at esports regulatory framework

The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee will hear presentations from a range of stakeholders and experts next week as it moves towards implementing an esports wagering framework for Nevada sportsbooks.

Seth Schorr, chief executive of Fifth Street Gaming; Sam McMullen, chief executive and founding partner of FiveGen; Ian Smith of ESIC; and Rahul Sood, chief executive and co-founder of Unikrn, will contribute to Item 5 on the Committee’s meeting agenda for November 16, ‘Esports in Nevada: how Nevada can become the esports capitol of the world’.

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Can Las Vegas Become The Esports Capital Of The World? Nevada Gaming Committee Eyes Future

The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee will meet next week to discuss the future of esports in the state, among other topics.

The committee, led by Gov. Brian Sandoval, includes gaming regulators, lawmakers and executives from gaming companies in the state. It has no formal power in Nevada, but its discussions on policy help frame how the state government moves forward on gaming issues.

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