C3 Announces Metarama Vegas Festival Combining Gaming, Esports And Music

C3 Presents unveiled today its plans for Metarama, a new festival to be held at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds Oct. 19-20, blending live music and video games.

The event is being put on in partnership with Esports Hospitality Concepts. The dual founders of EHC, Scott London and Seth Schorr, have worked with numerous esports companies and boast experience with “hundreds of live esports events in Las Vegas.”

The official announcement is short on specifics: artists, live games, comedy, cosplay and streaming are all being promised and follow-up information is available via social media, email notification and a dedicated discord server.

Metarama means not only is one of North America’s premier large-festival promoters entering into the esports/gaming space but, as C3 Presents was acquired by Live Nation in 2014, it marks the world’s largest concert promoter’s entry.

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