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The leadership team of Fifth Street Gaming have been pioneers in the intersection of esports and gambling since 2015. Having thrown hundreds of esport tournaments, developed arenas and gaming lounges and took the first regulated esports wagers in North America, Fifth Street Gaming continues to be a leader in this fast-growing sector.

In addition to traditional esports, the leadership of Fifth Street Gaming is developing other companies and products that incorporate video game culture and attract the next generation of gambler to Las Vegas.

Seth Schorr, CEO of Fifth Street Gaming, was a founding board member of Millennial Esports, now Engine Media (TSX: GAME), and is an investor and board member of GameCO; the company that developed the world’s first video game slot machine. Schorr is also a founding partner and board member of Super Money Games that has developed the first skill-based betting simulators for virtual golf.

In 2016 Schorr co-founded the Nevada Esports Alliance and has been advising on the creation of the Nevada Esports Commision.