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Spectators watch a gaming competition in the ELEAGUE arena at Turner Studios, Tuesday, May 24, 2016, in Atlanta.

Nevada Esports Alliance launches

An organization co-founded by Downtown Grand Chairman Seth Schorr dedicated to promoting Nevada in the e-sports industry launched on Thursday. The goal of the Nevada Esports Alliance (NVEA) is to advance the development of Nevada as a global e-sports hub as the video gaming and gambling...

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聯盟驅動成功 市中心未來更強大

2月2日下午4點左右,維加斯市長卡羅琳.古德曼(Carolyn Goodman)偕同市中心五大賭場酒店的代表及部分媒體代表共同出席了非營利組織維加斯市中心聯盟(Downtown Vegas Alliance)舉辦的市中心博彩業小組座談(Downtown Gaming Panel Discussion),就推動市中心的未來繁榮強大進行了深入討論和意見交換,各方共識享有“市中心利益”這同一目標的市中心聯盟將能使得市中心未來更成功、更強